Our first contact with racing engines begun when we started our 10 years competition career. Between years 2000 and 2010 we were competing in Polish Rally Championship in firstly Peugeot 206 Cup and then Citroen C2R2Max Cup. Thanks to our direct feeling on every surface (snow, tarmac and gravel) we knew exactly what results we wanted to reach. We wanted to possess the best and highest performance engines. This is why we started preparing them by ourselves. Our specialization are Citroen and Peugeot engines. The beginning was not easy, but without broken parts and some failures we could not have got that extreme experience. After a few years of practice our engines are now characterized by top quality, maximum performance and power. We combined our practical and theoretical experiences. We produce our own custom racing engine parts. We are glad to be located in Świdnica, as due to the city’s industrial history, we can find here a lot of technology parks, tool-rooms and technical laboratories. Thanks to it we can design, produce and machine all parts in very good conditions and personally supervise all processes from start to finish. At the moment our engines are used by champions in rally and racing cars from Germany, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Poland and Bulgaria. We are not a mass-producing company and therefore are able to take every order very individually. We cooperate with top world engine parts producers and designers. To us the most important is to choose the highest quality parts and materials.


ul. Metalowców 2
58-100 Świdnica
woj. Dolnośląskie


e-mail: info@dobrowolskimotorsport.pl


mobile: +48 509 053 506